Boba Fett set to take lead role at Star Wars Weekends

Notorious Bounty Hunter Boba Fett will take the starring role on Disney’s Star Wars Weekends Merchandise according to Robert LaFlamme, the product developer for the event.

In an interview with The Official Disney Parks Blog LaFlamme spoke about where the inspiration came from to include the Star Wars villain in this year’s merchandise.

“Creating this year’s logo art was easy. With ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ celebrating its 30th Anniversary, it made sense to feature one of the most infamous stars from the film, Boba Fett.” said Robert.

“Boba Fett is the ‘most notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy’ – it seemed only right to incorporate Boba Fett into the art to pay homage to such a recognized and notable character from the original Star Wars trilogy.”

“In the past, we have tried to find unique ways to bring Boba Fett into the art for the event. When the opportunity presented itself to use the bounty hunter, I jumped at it.” explained Robert.

The opening Star Wars weekend will take place May 21st through 23rd with the event final weekend taking place June 11th through June 13th.

If you want to stand a chance of getting one of the limited edition T-Shirts, hats and other merchandise featuring the logo be sure to make your way to Disney’s Hollywood Studios during the event.


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