Why World of Color must stay exclusive to Disney’s California Adventure

The Wonderful World of Color debuted at Disney’s California Adventure last week to critical acclaim from fans and the media alike.

(photo from Michael Huey)

The all-new show, which takes place in Paradise Lagoon, is a mixture of fire, water, music and imagery from the plethora of classic Disney and Pixar movies that is sure to entertain the whole family.

But whilst the show does represent that start of a new generation in theme park spectaculars Disney should refrain from sending this attraction to the East Coast or any of their other parks around the world.

It’s no secret that California Adventure has been far from a fan favourite since its opening in 2001, a problem primarily put down to its large collection of midway-style rides, a lack of world-class attractions and only a couple of unique experiences to be enjoyed in the park.

World of Color represents one part of the $1 billion plus expansion of DCA which is expected to bring the park up to the standard customers expect of a Disney theme park.

One major part of the appeal of this show is that it’s unique to California Adventure, it’s one experience that Disney can use to really promote the park.

Some of the best current attractions at DCA are clones of attractions from other parks or have been cloned, the Tower of Terror, Soarin’ and Toy Story Mania are all prime examples of such attractions,

But World of Color breaks that trend, it’s something totally unique to DCA and it’s something that the executives at Disney can really use to promote the park as a world-class destination up to the standards of its legendary neighbour Disneyland.

The reason millions of people visit Disney parks around the world each year is because they offer a unique experience unrivalled by their competitors, if Disney want the DCA expansion to be a success then they need to ensure that World of Color stays unique to the West Coast park.



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2 responses to “Why World of Color must stay exclusive to Disney’s California Adventure

  1. Kyra

    You do realise that Soarin’ Over California was in California first before it was cloned over into WDW? Just wanted to clear that up. And for me personally, I always enjoyed California Adventure since it opened. I do agree that WoC needs to stay at DCA, but part of me thinks that it’s too unique to the park to really be put anywhere else. We have Mickey’s Fun Wheel in the background that become part of the show, and a built in viewing area. Not that those can’t be built anywhere else, but it’s hard to imagine.

  2. Michael Owen

    Hi, thanks for commenting!

    Yeah that’s what I meant when I said the attractions at DCA are either clones or have been cloned (i.e they were at DCA first and have been cloned at other parks).

    I probably should have made that bit more clear.

    Thanks for reading,

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