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Universal attempt to profit from Disney’s neglect of its golden rules

Walt Disney once talked about the importance of Disneyland appealing to all ages rather than just children. It seems now, 55 years after the opening of the Anaheim resort, that officials at Walt Disney World are forgetting about what Walt said, and rivals Universal are set to profit.

(Photo provided by Sam Howzit)

Take a trip to Downtown Disney and you’ll see the sorry-looking remains of what used to be Pleasure Island – Disney’s one stop destination for nightclubs and bars aimed at adults looking to have a good time after a long day at the parks.

Disney are hoping to turn the area into something more orientated towards families, a demographic which is already well catered for in Downtown Disney and Walt Disney World on the whole.

This has left a lot of die hard Disney fans feeling slightly left out when visiting the Resort, meaning many are looking elsewhere for their night time entertainment options, including Universal CityWalk.

As a part of their Labor Day celebrations Universal are set to add a techno music offering to their already considerable collection of night entertainment destinations based in the CityWalk area, which acts as a hub for the two parks as well as the hotels on site.

Universal CityWalk is incredibly popular, especially on nights when special concerts and events are held at the Resort. Proof their is a market for adult-orientated night time entertainment in the main Orlando tourist areas.

Officials at Walt Disney World need to realise that, whilst their trying to make attractions which can please everyone in one place, they are also making even the most staunch Disney visitors look elsewhere to spend their money of an evening and unless something is developed to meet the needs of these customers they will walk away.


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